12 Cute Club Outfits With High Boots

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Psst! Yes, you! Are you letting a pair of knee high and/ or thigh high boots just live in your closet? Don’t do that! They’re great shoes to take out to the club.

Wondering how to style them for a night dancing, though? I’ve got you girlfriend. Knee high and thigh high boots are super easy, fashionable, and not to mention sexy to wear out. You’ve got to try these looks if you don’t already rock yours.

Club shoes are notoriously sexier heeled shoes, so it’s no surprise that these boots make the cut. I have some knee high boots that I’ll wear casually or for semi-nice events, such as a dinner or a date. I love my over-the-knee boots and often wear them with my sweater dresses during the winter! But clubbing?

I like to wear a simple little black dress with thigh high boots when I’m out to hit the dance floors. There are so many ways you can style them, though.

So I’m going to show you 12 cute ways to wear high boots to a club, but more specifically, we’re going to look at knee high and thigh high boots!

1. Cute Club Outfits With Knee High Boots

Wearing knee high boots with an outfit isn’t as bold as thigh high boots, which is okay! Sometimes, these can be more comfortable and easier to find the perfect fit, too!

Here are 6 examples of cute outfits with knee high boots you can wear to the club!

Steal The Look

Have you ever seen such cool knee high boots? They’re gladiator inspired with all of the criss crossing of material, but don’t fret, they’re one solid slip on boot and easy to put on.

She’s wearing these with a simple pair of high waist denim shorts and a tucked in black long sleeve. Her outfit doesn’t need a lot involved because her boots are so amazing! Can you imagine these with a dress or skirt?

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I love wearing leather leggings or vinyl pants with matching knee high boots. You can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins, which makes your legs look insanely long. It’s cute that she’s wearing a contrasting white, long sleeve turtleneck, too. 

The whole outfit is form fitting, and would be a great one to hit the clubs in!

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A lacy sleeved top tucked into a ruffled skirt looks great with knee high boots! Imagine this with a pencil skirt or high waisted mini skirt!

I love that this outfit feels so delicate and feminine. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lace on her top or the skirt’s ruffles, but to me, this is one of those club outfits for when you’re going with girlfriends and to have honest fun girl time is your priority. Know what I mean?

Steal The Look

Check out the detail on the back of these tan knee high boots! Faux lace up back with a tassles, I dig it. Alright, please direct your attention to the blouse that is tucked into this leather skirt. IT. IS. ADORABLE.

Collared, almost sheer, lightly patterned, cuffed at the wrist with a lace trim, and a lace detail down the front? Are we back in the 1920’s? I love it. This whole look is super cute and would be great to wear out for some drinks!

Steal The Look

This is a cute and more casual outfit that would be great to wear to a club. You may lose the jacket if you’re out on the dance floor, but you can never go wrong with a deep v-neck and denim shorts!

Check out my Snake Print Top with Denim Shorts and Knee High Boots! This is a long sleeve top, but may be a better alternative than wearing a jacket if you expect warmer temperatures.

Steal The Look

I really am a sucker for a good corset top. It’s even better that this one here is leopard print, too, because it turns the sexy up a few notches! It’s tucked into a pair of high waist distressed denim shorts (don’t forget the belt!), with knee high heeled boots.

Take notes! Black boots, black belt, and black bag all pull from the black in the pattern on her top! Don’t miss this opportunity to tie up your colors ladies!

2. Cute Club Outfits With Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots really make an outfit pop. Plus they visually elongate the leg, and who doesn’t want that? 

These come in a huge variety of textures, patterns, and colors too so you’ll always be able to find the perfect pair for your outfits.  Check out these six cute club outfits with thigh high boots!

Steal The Look

Look out, this outfit is sure to get attention! Check out these stunner thigh high boots! They’re loose fitting which lets your legs breathe some, but goodness the chrome is out of this world!

I love that she’s wearing them with a pair of distressed, high waisted shorts, a simple white tank, a denim jacket, and a matching silver blingy statement necklace. It’s simple, yet it’s so bold!

Steal The Look

You won’t be dancing alone in this outfit. This high waist faux suede mini skirt is a great contrast to the black suede over-the-knee boots and black, mesh long sleeve top!

Something fun to wear for clubs and concerts are these mesh tops that show what’s underneath. Be sure to wear a cute bralette or even a cropped (or regular) tank top if you’re not comfortable just showing your undergarment. It’s a sexy yet a little bit innocent and pretend modest look.

Steal The Look

Here’s a cute one! She’s wearing black, thigh high boots, with a black, high waist pencil skirt, a black cropped off-the-shoulder top (I love the ruffle!), and a thick, black choker to really top the look off!

Of course, this outfit would be great with colored over the knee boots or even lacy ones, but the solid black is pretty great on it’s own! If you wish, add a pop of color or texture with a cute bag or clutch!

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Simplicity can be both sexy and cute! This is a great outfit with over-the-knee boots and a v-neck t-shirt dress. Wearing oversized shirts as dresses can be a lot of fun. An oversized vintage band tee or a graphic tee make for great dresses!

I like to wear oversized sweaters as them, check out my oversized turtleneck sweater with red over the knee boots OOTD to see!

Steal The Look

Over-the-knee boots work well with pants, too, but be sure that they’re skinny jeans or leggings otherwise you’ll have lumps underneath your boots and uncomfortable rubbing. 

This outfit features a jacket as a shirt held together by a chunky belt, so it gives her that deep V neck look, tan skinny jeans, black over-the-knee boots to match her jacket, and a thick, black choker necklace. It’s sexy and cute in an almost elegant way!

Steal The Look

Allow me to introduce you to belted thigh high boots. Aren’t they cool? They literally have a belt that goes around your waist, so not only does it give your look an extra something, they hold your boots up. 

Plus, she’s wearing fishnet stockings under hear high waist denim shorts- so cute! A knotted graphic tee with a leather jacket draped over and a baseball cap to complete her look! A great club look that says “I’m here to have fun!”

12 cute club outfits with high boots did not disappoint! I personally love the thigh high boot looks, they’re just so… unique. But I want to hear what you think!  Which was your favorite outfit? Do you prefer knee high or thigh high boots? Tell me in the comments below!
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